Prices and conditions for parties in the garden

Our communal garden is available on request for private parties subject to a set of rules - and a small financial contribution to help maintaining the beauty of our square. The objective of the following fees and conditions is to ensure we develop a beautiful, convivial and charming garden for the benefit of all of the residents.





Your contribution will be used to improve or upkeep the garden. For a simple party with no marquee and no electricity, we request:


  • £100 from 15 to 25 people, (+ £100 for a Marquee),
  • £150 from 25 to 40 people
  • £200 above 40 people (maximum 50 people unless specifically agreed)



A deposit is needed from 40 people plus. It has to be £500 (refundable). Any rubbish, damage to the lawn, bushes; flowers will be systematically deducted from the deposit.


The number needs to include everyone including any staff assisting.




  • Upon reception of your request, we will be able to confirm which side of the garden to be used
  • Payments of the fee and deposit have to be done at least 7 days before the party
  • Please ensure the garden gates are kept closed or manned at all times. 
  • You are responsible to clean all the rubbish and paper left by your party 
  • Please be sensitive of our neighbourhood regarding noise. Please do not use amplified sound past 9pm as this will disturb other residents in surrounding buildings.
  • Please ensure that the flowerbeds and shrubs are not trodden on by the participants
  • No ball games, no pets and no barbecues
  • Please protect the lawns around any marquee or any organized catering
  • There are two access plugs on both sides of the Garden so lights can be plugged in. Depending on which side you are, only one can be used. 
  • The garden will not be privatised so you need to keep this in mind. We ask you to keep your party on one side as much as possible to let residents enjoy the garden too. 



The Barkston Gardens Committee



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